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These double sided line cleaning pads are the perfect tool to keep your line floating high and dry all day, every day.  One side is a rough side that is meant to take the gunk off of your line while the soft, buffing side smooths your line back out for a renewed finish.  Most SA fly lines don't require the use of a dressing as that just adds something to collect more dirt and grime.  Put the dressing away and use your cleaning pads to renew your fly line.

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1 Review

Rick Jul 5th 2021

SA Line Cleaning Pads

I have used these once on 5 fly lines and the abrasive side seems to be a good tool for line cleaning. There is no info about using a lubricant, but I used water and a fly line dressing. After running the line a couple of times with the abrasive side, I think you can use the back of the pad (foam side) to apply a final coat of dressing. I have yet to cast the lines to see if they are slick, but so far I am impressed that these pads are durable for many more cleanings.

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