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Rio Max Outbound Short (30') Shooting Heads

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Rio's shooting heads add effortless distance to every cast, and allow the angler to adjust quickly to different depths, water flow, and conditions by simply looping on a different, more appropriate shooting taper.

Inexpensive 30´long, Rio Outbound heads have far more of the head weight in the first 13´than previous shooting heads. The heavy, front-loaded distribution of weight quickly loads the rod, creates remarkable power when wind is a problem or extra distance is necessary.

Rio Outbound heads are 2 line weights heavier than AFTM standards to properly load modern rods. Do not step up a line size when ordering, as in the past.

  • Welded loop on the back end of every model
  • Easy ID loops
Type 3 Type 6
Code Line Weight Code Line Weight Code Line Weight Code Line Weight
#17216 ST7F #17220 ST7I #17227 ST7S #17228 ST7S
#17217 ST8F #17221 ST8I #17224 ST8S #17229 ST8S
#17218 ST9F #17222 ST9I #17225 ST9S #17230 ST9S
#17219 ST10F #17223 ST10I #17226 ST10S #17231 ST10S

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