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Outfitters attest that the K-Pumps are built to last, easiest to use, a snap to stow and simply the best manual pump available. Made of specially formulated ABS, they are designed for outdoor use where extended exposure to the elements can be critical to longevity and performance. Careful attention was directed at the ergonomics of design so that the pump is "unchallenged" for easy use and efficiency.

Because K-Pump models are designed without hoses they are streamlined, compact and have no issues with leaks or blockages cause by kinks. Best of all they can always be operated by one person and easily stowed, taking up minimal space yet remaining readily accessible.

  • Adapters included
Code Model Size Price
 #4089 K-100 3" diameter and 22" long pump $67.00
 #4088 K-200 3" diameter and 32" long pump $85.00
 #14213 K-400 2-stage, twice as much pumping power $165.00

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