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Mr. Hankey

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The number one mouse pattern in Kamchatka the past few seasons!

Jeff Hickman's up-riding hook pattern was more than productive; it caused less trout mortality than is normal. These voracious rainbows just inhale the mice patterns, and our talented staff of guides and fly tiers has worked hard to develop mouse imitations that are deadly without being deadly. This light, easy to cast, easy to skate fly has become a favorite for a lot of reasons.

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3 Reviews

Mike Rudman Aug 14th 2020

Mr Hankey

I had tied a half dozen of these before I arrived in Northern NH for the summer - all were either destroyed by aggressive strikes or broken off! I ordered a dozen from the Fly Shop as 'emergency replacement' and haven't been disappointed. This is a fabulous pattern for larger trout and smallmouth bass. Also caught a sizeable (18") landlocked salmon on one. The strikes are violent, even by smaller fish. This is a must-have fly to pull cross current or toss along a bank.

Bruce Collins Mar 27th 2019

Mr. Hankey

I recently ordered a number of the larger sized "Mr. Hankey" mouse flies. Instead of riding straight up, with the hook oriented to ride up (eye down), these flies were tied with the hook "canted" off to one side and often flat, which would certainly diminish success in hooking fish. I've had little success manually twisting the hooks to orient them to ride properly,

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