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Metz Capes are incredibly stiff and long with a minimum of web. These fly tying feathers have been consistently the most popular fly tying capes ever produced.

Metz capes (necks) offer a very broad range of feathers appropriate for many different sizes. The basic difference between the three grades are the quality of the hackle, the total number of feather on the neck, and the amount of webbing on each particular neck.

These are first class and worth every cent!

  • Grizzly Dyed Olive is only available in #2 and #3
  • N/A indicates not available in that size and color

Medium Dun:  Pale dusky Blue/Gray shade, hint of creme in mid-rib and at the tips. Medium Dun is an excellent insect color!
Black: Terrific for terrestrials, Black Gnats, ants, and construction of the perfect panfish poppers. Great black capes like these are hard to find.
Grizzly: The most commonly used and useful feather in fly tying. The black and white alternating horizontal bands add an element of realism to every profile.
Ginger: Many of the common spring creek flies such as pale morning and evening duns are exactly this color. Along with Grizzly and Brown, these are very useful.
Light Blue Dun: Very useful in duplicating many of the colors found in nature. There is a limited supply of this very light colored Andalusian chicken.
Brown: Along with Grizzly, the most important and common color! There are countless popular patterns requiring the mix of brown and grizzly.
Cream: A necesssary color for many standard patterns. The color is always a good substitute for ginger, and will cover a wide variety of mayflies and caddis.
Grizzly Dyed Olive: A wonderful color for Drakes and many western spring creek patterns. Try this color for some awesome looking hoppers!

Color #1 Neck #2 Neck #3 Neck
Medium Dun #2794 #2795 #2796
Black #4925 #4978 #4979
Grizzly #2791 #2972 #2793
Ginger #2797 #2798 #2799
Light Blue Dun #5194 #4919 #6272
Brown #2788 #2789 #2790
Cream #5190 #5191 #5192
Grizzly Dyed Olive N/A #3773 #3774
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1 Review

John Christy May 3rd 2019

Metz #1 Grizzly Cape

I have tied flies for 60 years,. In this time I have tied around 20,000 Adamses for myself, my friends, my sons, my late father( who taught me) and for fellow anglers encountered on the water. This cape is probably the best I have ever owned, and it will provide Adamses for the rest of my life.

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