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Mercer's Tungsten Rag Hellgrammite - #6

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HOOK:  TFS 2302, size 6
BEAD:  Tungsten Bead, black - 2 required
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 camel
ANTENNAE:  Goose Biots, brown
UNDERBODY:  Mercer's Buggy Nymph Dubbing, dark stone
OVERBODY:  EZE Bug, dark brown - colored with a Permanent Marker, brown
LEGS:  Nymph Sili Legs, pumpkin barred
WINGCASE:  EZE Bug, dark brown - coat the forward section of the EZE Bug with several coats of SofTex

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2 Reviews

Tim Lincolnhol Dec 9th 2020

Hellgramite review

This fly is an amazing pattern that when swung or drifted low trough runs can produce some large trout

Matt Apr 9th 2016

Great Realistic Pattern

I used this pattern last year on the Big Hole in mid May and got a lot of action from bigger browns and Rainbows and even got a real nice Brookie that were targeting large stone nymphs crawling around on the bottom of that river.

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