Maxima Ultra Green Tippet

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Maxima Ultra Green is a traditional choice of many professionals. It's a tried and true mono material that has superb knot strength and is incredibly abrasion resistant.

The soft, supple material has very little memory in larger diameter, and cold weather doesn't make it stiff and brittle. Maxima remains relatively inexpensive, and many of our traditional steelhead and salmon fishermen just won't accept any substitute.

Their argument is a good one, "why mess with success?"

  • 27 yard spools
Code Test (Strength) Size Diameter Price
#4762 5 LB 3X .008 $5.95
#4517 6 LB 2X .009 $5.95
#4518 8 LB 1X .010 $5.95
#4519 10 LB 01X .012 $5.95
#4520 12 LB 02X .013 $5.95
#4521 15 LB 04X .015 $5.95
#4522 20 LB 06X .017 $5.95
#4523 25 LB 09X .020 $5.95
#4524 30 LB 011X .022 $5.95
#4525 40 LB 012X .024 $5.95

2 Reviews

Gerald Lorch Jul 7th 2019

Maxima nylon 12, 15 and 20 lbs

Please spare me the comment on these three spools. I understand that The Machine is in indiscriminate and dumb but please save me that type of comment. Thanks

Deryn LaCombe Mar 11th 2019

The best for building leaders!

I've been using Maxima Ultragreen and Chameleon to build leaders since the 80's. There's nothing else like it, if you haven't cast and fished a Maxima leader do yourself a favor and try it. Modern leaders don't come close to the incredible turnover and abrasion resistance it gives. I'll either use straight Maxima for the tippet or SEAGUAR fluorocarbon, depending upon my needs. Can't recommend this enough!

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