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Loon UV Infiniti Light

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The absolute best light for curing UV resin. Ten watts versus the older models three watts ensures that your UV resin will cure quicker without any tackiness. The Infiniti has a built in battery that charges through a micro USB cable (included), so no more long cure times due to weak batteries.


  • UV light for curing Loon's UV resins
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 10 Watt output
  • Rechargeable using USB cable (included)
  • Uses 1 18650 battery (included)
  • On/Off switch indicates power level

Directions for use:
While indoors or shaded from the sun apply Loon UV product and form into desired shape. To cure, shine UV Infiniti Light on UV product. UV product should be fully cured and hardened in 15 seconds. Do not shine this light directly into your eyes.


1 Review

Rich Jan 3rd 2021

Worked well.

I purchased this light to use with the UV Clear Fly Finish Resin. It's a nice high quality light and set the resin in 15 or 20 seconds. It was expensive, but worked great.

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