Humpy - Fl. Green

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This dry fly is very popular on fast waters around the world because of it's ability to float well. It was developed on the west coast, California, as a variation of Jack Horner's "Horner Deer Hair Fly." It's popularity is contributed to Charlie Brooks, Dan Bailey (named it Goofus Bug), Jack Dennis, Pat and Sig Barnes, and a Canadian named Tom Thumb. However, moost agree that Jack Horner was the original creator.


HOOK:  TFS 100, sizes 10-16
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, tan
TAIL:  Elk Body Hair
WINGS:  Calf Body Hair, white
CARAPACE:  Elk or Deer Hair
UNDERBODY:  Uni Single Strand Floss, neon chartreuse
HACKLE:  Saddle, brown & grizzly mixed


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