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Harrop's Last Chance Cripple

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The Last chance Cripple is characterized by an abdomen that duplicates the form and color of the nymph.The thorax, wings, and hackle represent a partially emerged dun in shape and coloration. The buoyant CDC wings provide excellent flotation and visibility when fished on choppy water or during low light conditions. These features also cause it to be a perfect indicator fly when a corresponding nymph is suspended from the hook bend.


HOOK:  TFS 100, sizes 12-20
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, color of choice
TAIL:  Wood Duck, flank fibers
SHUCK:  Antron Yarn, color of choice
ABDOMEN:  Turkey Biot, color of choice
THORAX:  Super-Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, color of choice
WING:  CDC, color of choice
HACKLE:  Hackle, color of choice

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#745FG Green Drake #12 $2.25
#745FA Pink Albert #14 $2.25
#745FC Callibaetis #16 $2.25
#745FP PMD #18 $2.25
#745FB Baetis #20 $2.25
#745FT Trico #22 $2.25

1 Review

Matt Mar 17th 2021


Very nicely tied dry fly. While I've been tying for sixty years there are some flies that are just too complicated to make it worth my time to tie. I was very pleased with the quality.

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