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Hareball Leeches - #1/0

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These fast sinking streamers pull triple-duty as king salmon, steelhead and silver salmon patterns. These are superb flies on bright days for kings and silvers and very effective in the early morning hours for steelhead.

The thread, hackle, Crystal Chenille and rabbit should all match color wise. Fuschia is probably the best Silver Salmon color, but regular pink and purple will work well too! Tie in the Dazl Eyes and use Zap-A-Gap to keep eyes from spinning. Tie in a piece of rabbit strip for tail then tie some Crystal Chenille up to the eye and tie off. Tie in hackle and wrap in place a few time, tie off. Whip finish and glue the head.


HOOK:  TFS 8774 or Daiichi 2141, sizes 2/0 or 2
THREAD:  Ultra 210 Tying Thread, color to match
TAIL:  Rabbit Fur Strips & Krystal Flash, color to match
BODY:  Rabbit Fur Strips, wrapped over Crystal Chenille, color to match
COLLAR:  Schlappen, color of choice
EYES:  Nickel Dazl-Eyes, x-large

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#777FA Chartreuse $3.95
#777FP Purple $3.95
#777FB Black $3.95
#777FO Pink/Orange $3.95
#777FC Orange/Chartreuse $3.95
#777FK Bubblegum Pink $3.95
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