Fugly Hair Packer

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This terrific innovation helps pack hair tighter, adjusts to the hook size automatically, controls pressure, and is just the best hair packer period!

You want to pack the tightest deer hair bass bugs? Amaze your friends, wow your neighbors, impress your kids? This is our secret weapon - The SF Fugly Packer is like no other hair packer out there. It is made of forged 1/8 inch steel bar stock with a spring steel bend, then put together with steel rivots and painted with high gloss metallic lime green enamel and clear coated. It has finger guards for your protection, so you can apply maximum force without worry of slipping into a hook point. The SF Fugly Packer measures just over six inches long for comfort and stability. The front of the packer is beveled and a has a hole that accommodates most larger hook sizes. This is the packer of packers.

  • Proudly made in the USA
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1 Review

Everett Probasco Apr 22nd 2017

Best Hair Packed on the market.

I like the way this packer is built it packs deer hair tight.

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