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Fox's BH Poopah

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One of the most effective and popular caddis pupa imitation in the west

Our regional streams are loaded with caddis, especially the Sacramento, and the Fox Caddis Poopahs are the first choice for most guides and expert anglers. Each of these models is tied to Tim Fox's exacting standards, using nothing but top quality materials and tying methods that insure durability.


HOOK:  TFS 2305, sizes 14-16
BEAD:  Bead Head, copper - match to hook size
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, color of choice
ABDOMEN:  Vernille, cinnamon
UNDERBODY:  Pearl Tinsel, medium
THORAX:  Ostrich Plume, brown
RIB:  Ultra Wire, gold - size to match
LEGS:  Hen Back
ANTENNAE:  Wood Duck

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#725FC CB Cinnamon 12 or 14 $2.25
#725FO GB Olive 12 or 14 $2.25

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