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Capes, Saddles & Necks

The Fly Shop has something to crow about, because now we've got the best supply of quality fly tying hackle you'll find anywhere!

Fly tying hackle farms have rebounded from the hair dressing fashion craze. Now we're seeing more hackles available for tying at descent prices! Give us a call to see what we currently have in stock (800-669-3474).

  • Whiting Farms Cock Necks

    Whiting Farms Cock Necks

    Whiting Farms hackles are the most prized feathers on any fly tiers bench, and the best value at any price! The Whiting saddles are twice the length and twice the quality of the best cape that you'll find produced by other growers. They'll not only tie...

    $84.00 - $120.00
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  • Metz Capes

    Metz Capes

    Metz Capes are incredibly stiff and long with a minimum of web. These fly tying feathers have been consistently the most popular fly tying capes ever produced. Metz capes (necks) offer a very broad range of feathers appropriate for many different sizes...

    $78.00 - $132.75
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