Daiichi X472 Saltwater Hooks

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An excellent saltwater popper and streamer hook that has Daiichi's X point. This hook is 3x long and super sharp. Can also be used for freshwater applications. Some of the more common flies that are tied on this hook are:
* In-Shore Popper
* Pearly Poppers

  • 3X long, forged, X-point, O'Shaugnessey bend, straight eye, saltwater poppers
  • Available in 10 packs
  • Sizes:  2/0, 1/0, 2 & 4
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#DX472 2/0 - 4 10 pack $9.95



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1 Review

Mike Carlin May 30th 2020

Daiichi X472 Saltwater Hooks

Daiichi X472 Saltwater Hooks - Great Hooks for Crease Flys. Both Salt and Fresh Water. Shopping with The Fly Shop and speaking with their people was a positive and enjoyable experience, Thanks you,

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