Cutter's E/C Caddis

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This is probably the most popular fly designed by Sierran Flyfisher, Ralph Cutter, and introduced to the public in 1981. The E/C Caddis is an emergent/cripple caddis pattern developed for the large caddis hatches on the Truckee River. However, this fly works great during the majority of caddis hatches. If you are going to be fishing caddis dries or emergers, then these should have a presence in your fly box.


HOOK:  TFS 100, sizes 14-16
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, color of choice
BODY:  Super-Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, cinnamon, tan, olive or black - half of body one color, other half another color
TAIL:  Antron Yarn or Z Yarn, color of choice
HACKLE:  Dry Fly Hackle, girzzly - wrapped around the tilted wing and butts, clip butts of hair after wrapping hackle
WING:  Elk Body Hair

Code Color Sizes Price
#33FB Black 20 $2.00
#33FO Olive 14 & 16 $2.00
#33FT Tan 14 & 16 $2.00

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