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Cortland Clear Camo Intermediate Fly Line

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The super-stealthy, clear camo color just disappears in the water and is the most popular stillwater fly line.  Cortland starts with a solid monofilament core that they custom dye at their Cortland facility, and fuse it to a clear polymer coating formulated to perform in a wide range of temperatures.  A short, 30-foot head helps to quickly load your rod and shoot long casts, and dual welded loops make changing line and leaders extremely convenient.  The ultra-slow sink rate of less than 2 inches per second keeps the fly in the feeding zone longer than any other line.  That's particularly important in those lake situations where most of the fish feed at less than six feet below the surface.  Our staff rates this as the #1 stillwater line!

  • Clear transparent camouflage
  • Sink Rate:  1.25" - 1.75" / second
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#3232 WF4I Clear Camo $59.95
#3233 WF5I Clear Camo $59.95
#3234 WF6I Clear Camo $59.95
#3235 WF7I Clear Camo $59.95
#21850 WF8I Clear Camo $59.95
#24541 WF9I Clear Camo $59.95
#24542 WF10I Clear Camo $59.95

3 Reviews

Bill Sharp Nov 2nd 2020

Camo intermediate line

Cast well, sensitive on the strike

Toren Bull Jul 8th 2018

Camo line

Best intermediate line I have ever used

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