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Copper John - Copper

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The Copper John combines a Prince Nymph tail, Brassie body, Pheasant Tail style thorax, Mike Mercer's style of Poxyback wingcase and a bead head. Truly innovative, the bead head and wire body help get this morsel right in the dining area without the aid of extra weight.


HOOK:  TFS 5262, sizes 12-18
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 6/0 color of choice
BODY WEIGHT:  Lead Free Wire, 8-10 wraps of .020
BEAD:  Bead Head, gold - match to hook size
TAIL:  Goose Biot, brown
ABDOMEN:  Ultra Wire, copper - size to match
WINGCASE STRIPE:  Flash-A-Bou, pearl
WINGCASE:  Thin Skin, black - coat entire wingcase with 5-Minute Epoxy
THORAX:  Peacock Herl
LEGS:  Hen Saddle, brown


2 Reviews

Big Daddy Jun 30th 2020

Copper John

Always get some play with these nymphs, especially with something larger set up above. Consistently excellent quality flies.

Chet Goodwin May 8th 2020


These flys bend too easily. Only good for fish under 7 lbs

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