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Cocoons Flip-Ups deliver instant polarized UV400 protection, fit virtually any eyewear and are extremely convenient to use. The universal clamp mounting system makes them simple to attach to your existing prescription eyewear frame and the ultra lightweight design ensures maximum comfort. The convenience of flip-ups can't be matched. Simply flip them down when going outdoors for instant protection from damaging UV rays and blinding surface glare.

  • Polaré® Polarized Lenses
    The Polaré lens system filters out 100% of damaging UV light and eliminates glare to deliver enhanced visual acuity. All flip-ups are available with a choice of polarized gray, amber or copper. The lenses are extremely durable and scratch resistant. Polaré lenses feature a one year scratch resistance warranty.
  • Gray Lens (15% Light Transmission)
    This is a neutral tint that delivers natural color definition and contrast. Ideal for every day use in bright light conditions where enhanced contrast is not required.
  • Copper Lens (21% Light Transmission)
    A general purpose tint that heightens depth perception and object definition by effectively filtering scattered blue light to improve contrast. Ideal for skiing, fishing and all flat light conditions.
  • Yellow Lens (27% Light Transmission)
    A long time standard in ski and shooting sports, yellow provides excellent depth perception and dramatic contrast in low light.  Improves contrast and gives a sensation of heightened visual acuity in low light conditions.
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