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Clouser Half & Half - #1/0

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The Clouser has become the "go to" fly everywhere in the saltwater world and no fly box is complete without a serious selection of these remarkable baitfish imitations. Nowhere is that more true than in Australia, where monster Queenfish were consistently suckered.

The Half & Half is a combination of two well-known saltwater fly patterns. It has the realistic body of the Deceiver, and the lead eyes provide a lifelike swimming action like a Clouser Minnow. These features together have made the Half & Half one of the best big fish patterns around.


HOOK:  Mustad 34007, size 1/0
THREAD:  Flymaster 1/0 Thread, color of choice
WING:  Bucktail, white bottom and color of choice for the top
FLASH:  Flash-A-Bou, color of choice
SADDLE HACKLE:  Strung Hackle, color of choice
BELLY:  Bucktail, color of choice
COLLAR:  Bucktail, color of choice
BACK:  Bucktail, color of choice

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#540FC Chartreuse $5.95
#540FB Baitfish $5.95
#540FG Gray $5.95
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