Cliff's Bugger Barn

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There are anglers out there, who like to throw big flies. Big flies catch big fish, but the problem is, "How do you store or even carry them around?"

Cliff Outdoors has given us the answers, with their innovative and large boxes and cases. The Bugger Barn shell is hard, durable, clear plastic, lined with slotted foam, and will carry a couple dozen large, long, fresh or saltwater streamers.

  • DIMENSIONS:  8.3" x 4.3" x 1.2"

1 Review

bob Mar 18th 2016

sturdy and tough

a really good box for bonefish patterns, and other big flies ... due to size, its not very practical to carry in a vest, unless its the only box you are carrying ... but in a skiff, one or 2 of these should hold all the flats patterns you'll need all day

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