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Barr's Dropper Hopper - #8

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This dual purpose terrestrial is tied with both foam and buoyant elk hair. The highly visible Dropper Hopper floats high enough to support a bead head nymph and has an active, life-like silhouette.


HOOK:  TFS 5263, size 6
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, cream or tan
BODY:  4mm Fly Foam, cut to shape
RIB:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, match to color
LEGS:  Round Rubber Hackle, tan - knotted
WING:  Medallion Wing Sheeting, color of choice
OVERWING:  Elk Body Hair and Krystal Flash
HEAD:  Elk Body Hair, tied bullet style
VISIBILITY PIECE:  McFlylon Poly Yarn, chartreuse

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1 Review

Brad Tiemeyer Jul 23rd 2020

Dropper Hopper

This fly does its job very well. It will float a pair of nymphs and also get some takes. The green sighter on top makes it easy to see. Fished it in fast freestone water and it was perfect for a hopper-copper-dropper rig.

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