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20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

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A brilliantly simple tool that grabs the hook eye using a strong rare earth magnet to position your fly into a small groove and hold it securely upright. The fly fisherman then slides the tippet end down the groove, and the tag end appears on the other side of the threaded eye. Visually impaired, small nymph fishermen will thank the fishing gods profusely. The colorful angling expletives so commonly spoken when trying to tie a fly on tippet will become obsolete, especially in low light and cold conditions.

  • Works great on a wide size range of streamers, wet, and dry flies
  • Molded from durable, lightweight UV rated vinyl
  • Includes a Delrin clip to attach easily to a lanyard or zinger
  • Works on bead headed flies
  • See video link above to learn how easy this tool is to use.

1 Review

Jack Dec 28th 2020

• 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

Works like a charm.

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