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Scott Radian 2H Two-Handed Rods

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The Radian Two-Handed Rods are the newest entry in Scott's spey rod line-up.  Extremely light, with an amazing feel and touch, the Radian models promise to be the most unbelievably smooth rod you have ever cast.  They deliver a remarkable level or controlled power and versatility.  These rods are equally capable of tip casting accurate dart loops in smaller water, or launching lasers across a broad Canadian steelhead river to distant holding water.

These new rods couldn't be more highly rated by Spey experts and are the first choice of those anglers who can afford and will accept nothing but the best.

"I just returned from a fabulous week of fishing on the Ponoi River on the Kola Peninsula of Russia. I had the opportunity to fish the Scott Radian 12'6" 7 weight two-handed rod and couldn't be more pleased with it's performance. This is a great tool, and so easy to cast and fish all day. I fish a Scott T2H 13'6" 7 weight as well, and the Radian took half, no a quarter of the power to deliver smooth laser casts, cast after casts, day after day. On the Ponoi you throw a thousand cast a day, maybe more, and fishing a rod that requires so little muscle, makes a huge difference - better casts, less fatigue, and more fish to hand. I am blown away by the rod and making plans to add it to my arsenal before heading to Tierra del Fuego on the Rio Grande next January. I highly recommend this rod and if you have any questions or comments, email me at
Patrick Pendergast
Director of Travel
The Fly Shop®

Model Line Length Sections Price
R 1257/4 7 12'6" 4 $1,195.00
R 1308/4 8 13'0" 4 $1,195.00

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