Ray Guard Shield

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Ray-Guard Shield protectors were designed to protect coastal anglers from under-water hazards which can cause injury to the lower leg area.


  • Protection from the knee down
  • Use with or without waders
  • Wrap-around shield

Also work very well in Rattlesnake country.  Strap these around your lower leg and hike with less worry.  Hitting the McCloud or Pit Rivers?  Make sure you're protected!


1 Review

John S. San Luis Obispo Jan 15th 2018

They require upkeep

I had to send my first pair back to the manufacturer. They fell apart. The manufacturer gladly replaced them. I coated the seams on the second pair with Barge Cement. Five years later still going strong. Even with all the fuss, they are the most comfortable gaiter I have worn.

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