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Hatch Premium 8-Braid Poly Backing

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This is better than gel-spun backing, with a diameter of only .014" (20# dacron is .018) it is the equivalent of 68 pound tests, but feels like dacron. That means it won't cut into itself, or the rod guides (or your fingers), and loads easily on the spool. One size works on all reels, from trout to tarpon.

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#16164 100m spool $29.00
#16165 200m spool $53.00
#16166 400m spool $100.00

2 Reviews

Rex Nov 26th 2018


I have Hatch PE backing on several of my reels. Put the blue colored backing on a new Abel SDS reel and could tug-test my Bimini without breaking the line and NOT at the knot but in the line itself. After Hatch asked for and received a 10 yard sample of the backing, they have gone silent -- crickets. I trust the backing as much as I do their service.

James MacDougall Jun 18th 2017


Superb strength per diameter. Expensive but worth it.

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