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Eggs & Yarn

  • McFlylon Poly Yarn

    McFlylon Poly Yarn

    Great source of poly yarn in all the colors you wish they would come in. Super parachute post material. Used in the famous tarpon toad pattern Code Color Code Color #418... Blue Dun #411... Black #863... Burnt Orange #833.....

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  • McFly Foam Egg Yarn

    McFly Foam Egg Yarn

    In the mid-1990’s a new material, McFly Foam yarn hit the market and tying nice, round eggs has been easier ever since. Because the yarn is easier to cut, achieving a round egg is also much easier. An advantage to tying these flies is most of the...

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  • Glo Bug Yarn

    Glo Bug Yarn

    The folks who tied the first Glo Bugs® lived about 7 miles from The Fly Shop®, here in Redding. It’s an effective, simple-to-tie fly that literally started the single-egg revolution in western angling. The original Glo Bug Yarn remains the...

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