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  • Firehole Bug Bands Firehole Layout - Tear Drop Body/Bug Band/Tungsten Bead

    Firehole Bug Bands

    An ingenious way to add a hot spot just behind the bead on any subsurface pattern while simultaneously adding weight to the fly. Just recess the Bug Band into the larger hole on the backside of your bead for a seamless and segmented look. Please note...

    $6.25 - $6.75
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  • Hot Beads

    Taper Drilled Hot Beads

    Brilliant colored baked-on enamel coating on these beads will dress up any fly. Fluorescent and metallic colors are very popular for steelhead and salmon flies. Pearl white beads are used for the popular snow-cone midge series of flies. 20 beads per...

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  • Fish Skulls

    Fish Skulls

    Revolutionary weighted heads add a realistic baitfish profile to fresh and saltwater streamers. Small - 10 per pack Small/Medium - 8 per pack Medium - 8 per pack Large - 6 per pack Color Small (4-8) Small/Medium (1-4) Medium...

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