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Saltwater Reels

Saltwater fly fishers are a different breed. They love the visual hunt for gamefish that have the ability of destroying gear in a matter of seconds, especially a fly reel. Not every reel is the perfect choice for fly fishing in saltwater.

Saltwater reels are built much differently than your typical freshwater reel – they need to be tough and withstand not only the violent fight of a saltwater predator, but also the harsh environment of a saltwater environment. A quality saltwater fly reel needs to have a sealed drag and be hard anodized to protect the aluminum substructure from corrosion. Where aluminum is not used, high quality stainless steel components are needed. A machined aircraft aluminum single piece frame and spool is a must as well as an easy to find handle, extra strong reel foot and a spool capable of holding at least 200 yards of gel spun backing or more is imperative. When fly fishing in the salt it is important to have the right gear and nobody knows more of what you need than the staff here at The Fly Shop®. Put 44 years of experience to work for you!

  • Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reels Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reels

    Hardy Fortuna Regent Fly Reels

    High Performance Saltwater Fly Reel Iconic fly-fishing brand Hardy continues to surpass expectations in the saltwater space with the new Fortuna Regent fly reel.  Built to exceed the expectations of competitive saltwater anglers, the Hardy Fortuna...

    $750.00 - $950.00
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  • Galvan Grip Fly Reel - Front (clear with black) Galvan Grip Fly Reel - Back (clear with black)

    Galvan Grip Fly Reel

    These three innovative saltwater models feature a silky-smooth, fully sealed drag system designed to weather the most extreme conditions and conquer the toughest fish.  They're machined by master craftsmen, and fitted with a refined version of the...

    $540.00 - $690.00
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