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Permit & Bonefish

Permit and Bonefish flies are unique to the destination. What works on the shallow flats of Belize or near Georgetown doesn't belong in a box of the angler headed for Andros. Even the East and West end of Grand Bahama demands a very different fly selection. The Fly Shop® has traveled the globe to find our flies and we know what works and where. Whether you are fishing the Bahamas, the Yucatan peninsula, the Seychelles, or Christmas Island, we have just what you'll need.

  • Bonefish Fly Selections

    Bonefish Fly Selections

    Picking the right bonefish flies is easy, if you've been there. With exception, flies appropriate for the Bahamas shouldn't be in your Belize fly box. Our staff of experts developed many of the flies now considered standard from Christmas Island to the...

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