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We offer a huge lineup of fly floatants.  These are the best available.

  • Loon Fly Dip

    Loon Fly Dip

    Dip your fly in, and watch as the liquid evaporates in seconds, leaving behind a super buoyant film on your fly.  Can be used to pre-treat flies as well as reviving soggy flies. Works with all sizes/materials of flies Pretreats flies to keep...

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  • Loon Top Ride

    Loon Top Ride

    Put a fly in the jar and shake on this combined pure silica powder and silica crystal floatant.  Super for hair wings and for reconditioning flies. Known as “Shake and Bake” by world class guides, this desiccant (drying agent) and...

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  • Loon Lochsa Fly Floatant

    Loon Lochsa

    An all-around gel that works on CDC, and treats feathers, hair, hackle, and yarn without hindering appearance while providing maximum floatation.  It is silicon based, and won't melt in heat or harden when it's cold. Features: Premium dry fly...

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