Tornado Anchors

Tornado Anchors

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The Tornado Anchor is a new "spin" on anchor systems. Engineered to contour to the river bottom, the revolutionary design of the Tornado Anchor allows more surface-edge contact. This increase in contact area creates more uninterrupted drag, stopping your boat faster. The Tornado Anchor uses a patent-pending design, developed using the latest CAD software. The anchor consists of a series of stacked blades which independently rotate to conform to ever-changing conditions. As the blades rotate, the shape of the anchor changes, allowing more linear-edge surface area to grip and dig into the riverbed.Simply put, the Tornado Anchor works better than traditional lead anchors. Period

Why use a Tornado Anchor...

The Tornado Anchor is engineered to stop your boat faster. With quicker stopping performance, inherently, it creates a SAFER user experience. Boat positioning becomes more predictable and reliable. Another benefit of a more positive stop and less dragging is HABITAT PRESERVATION. The Tornado Anchor disturbs less of the river bed while being used. Lastly the Tornado Anchor is a 100% LEADFREE design. Our Anchor is Eco Neutral and does not leech any contaminants into our waters.

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