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Teeny Hook Release

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The best hook release tool that we have used!  There is no need to handle the fish to remove the hook, eliminating the possibility of hurting the fish or removing their protective slime.

  • Great for boating and tubing!
  • Removes hooks quickly and easily
  • No need to grab or handle the fish!
  • Perfect for Alaska trout, salmon, or bonefish
  • Simply slide the tool down the leader!

2 Reviews

Don Freeman Sep 29th 2021

Teeny hook release tool

I can't praise this tool highly enough. I had been using a home made version of this device for ten or fifteen years before the commercial version was offered. Not only is the tool quicker and more sure in releasing the fish than any other but is highly superior at reducing harm to your catch. I recommend the tool in the presentations and articles I do for clubs and newsletters. I have gifted my own Teeny tool to bonefish guides on Christmas Island and arctic char guides in Greenland who were amazed at how well it works to remove swallowed hooks in the roof of a fish's mouth. The outside loop of the "S"s shaped tip is slid down the tippet until it catches in the gap of the hook. You then pinch the line with a thumb onto the ridges provided on the handle. Holding the fish steady a short push of the tool removes the hook which you then guide out of the mouth. This eliminates rummaging around in the animals mouth with finger, hemostats, pliers etc. until you finally give up and cut the fly off and leave it in the fish. When the hook is in the lip it's even easier. Catch the leader by hooking it in the inside loop, slide it down until the loop is inside the gap, then just lift up on the tool and down on the line until the hook turns upside down and the weight of the fish pulls it off. Used in conjunction with tube flies, I have released hundreds of sea run cutthroat and salmon without touching the fishes at all. It's especially gratifying when releasing chum with their big ugly teeth that I don't want to get stuck by. I have written such a long detailed review because I encourage safe handling of caught fish fish with out all the blood shed and prolonged handling for hero pictures. Coincidentally, I just contributed an article on this complete with pictures for our local fly club in Puget Sound so forgive my long winded review.

Daniel Sep 25th 2020

Teeny hook release review

I ordered a Teeny Hook Release but received a hook file instead. The fishing guides on my recent trip all used the Teeny Hook Release so I can report that it works very well, especially with de-barbed hooks. Alas, the last minute substitute I had to pick up at a local shop did not work well at all.

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