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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug Taper

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Built to turn over the big bugs, and toss them a mile.  The taper of this line is similar to the Mastery Titan, but with a specialized weather coasting built to withstand hot temperatures.

You’ve got articulated streamers and poppers hanging from the lampshade on your desk. You think in terms of bass, both smallmouth and largemouth. The term conehead doesn’t refer to an old comedy sketch. We totally get it. And that’s why we designed the Mastery Bass Bug. Similar in design to our Mastery Titan Long, but with a specialized warm-weather coating built to withstand hot temperatures. It’s quite possibly the best bass fly line ever constructed. If you have an all-encompassing need to throw big flies for bucketmouths, then look no further. This fly line is made for you.

  • Designed specifically for throwing large, air-resistant dry flies and streamers for bass in rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • Overweighted by two line sizes to assist in loading rods and turning over heavy rigs; use designated line weight for your rod
  • Extended rear taper for line control and mending ability
  • Ideal line for boat or wade fishing
  • Features a specialized warm-weather coating for fishing in high temperatures
  • For use in moderate and hot climates
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Line Color:  Frog Green/Shad Blue
Code Line Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight * Price
#25301 WF6F 43' 90' 210 $79.95
#27559 WF7F 43' 90' 240 $79.95
#27560 WF8F 43' 90' 280 $79.95

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