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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro Floating Fly Line

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For big rivers and long-line nymphing

The Fly Shop™ and Scientific Anglers teamed up to design this floating fly line for indicator nymph fishing.

The results were better than we could have hoped for and the taper is now available in both the Amplitude and the Mastery finish.

Tossing large indicators and split shot is a lot easier with the long, 60'+ belly that is built into this taper, whether roll casting, mending, single-hand spey casting, or lining up a switch rod, there's no better choice than one of the Anadro Floating fly lines.

Our guides and staff have used the Anadro floating fly lines extensively on the Trinity and Sacramento Rivers for trout and steelhead.

  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • Floating texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
  • Shooting texture running line delivers longer casts
  • Long rear taper for extended line control and long-distance casting
  • Overweighted by 1.5 sizes to assist in turning over heavy rigs
  • Use one size heavy for switch rods
  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Line Color:  Turtle Grass/Willow/Optic Green Tip
Code Line Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight * Price
#22612 WF5F 60' 100' 175 $129.95
#22613 WF6F 60' 100' 198 $129.95
#22614 WF7F 61' 100' 225 $129.95
#22615 WF8F 62' 100' 260 $129.95
#22616 WF9F 63' 100' 305 $129.95

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