AirFlo Skagit Compact 2.0 Heads

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The AirFlo Skagit II Compact Head is the most popular 2-handed line in America, and for good reason.  These short, looped floating Compact Heads should be married to a shooting line and capped with a tungsten sinking tip appropriate for the situation and the rod.

Skagit Compact Heads are available in 30 grain increments, beginning with 360 grains (for a 4/5 rod) and increasing to 720 grains (10 weight).  These lines easily toss heavily weighted flies connected to a short leader and attach to the end of 5' to 15' of tungsten.

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1 Review

Mike Polmateer Jan 11th 2017

Airflow Skagit 2

Like the way it shoots the line and handles bigger tips.

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